Jinx! - LED Matrix Control ... und die nächste Matrix Software ...

  • Danke für das Feedback

    Wahrscheinlich habe ich was verstellt aber wie kann ich das rückgängig machen um die vollen 5,00m Strips wieder zum leuchten zu bringen den Pix Controller von Ulrich Radig habe ich schon in Auslieferungszustand versetzt und ihn wieder eine neue IP gegeben (192.168.178.xxx) ich versuche nun seit 14 Tage es wieder hin zu bekommen ohne Erfolg es muß doch eine Möglichkeit geben um die Led wieder zum leuchten zu bringen.


  • Morgen zusammen

    Kann mir keiner weiter helfen bin seit drei Wochen am probieren um die 5,00m wieder zum laufen zu bringen, muß ich mir einen neuen Pixel Controller kaufen oder ein anderes Programm besorgen?

    Wär kann mir weiter helfen?


  • Sorry for English.

    Does anyone know, why Sven does not answer his email sven@karschewski.de even if he on the page http://www.live-leds.de/ writes:

    If you need any Information, found bugs or want to share some ideas and thoughts with me, feel free to contact me directly via email or comment the corresponding news post.?

    Jinx! is fantastic and it would be great pity if it was dead.

    Right now I have problem with the "text" command in Jinx! script.

    1. there is a terrible mistake in the PDF jinx-usermanual-2.4 page 55, which leads to suspicion , that the text command does not work at all.

    2. the command does not make it possible to display the " [double quote] character

    3. the command does not make it possible to display the , [comma] character ("Hello, world" is impossible)

    4. the command does not display the UTF-8 characters correctly (even if the "scrolling text" effect shows them correctly). (Ü impossible)

    I believe this is a minor programming issue (just parsing the command line in right way).

    If anyone would have any information, please, give me a hint.

  • As far as I know (from following this thread) Seddi (Sven) is no longer active in this forum. There also seems to be no further development of his software Jinx!.

    Though this end of development is regrettable, he created a great free software used and appreciated by light enthusiasts all over the world. I've been using his software for a longer time and didn't face any bugs or problems.

    I think it should be possible to contact him (a web search could be helpful...) - but I really doubt there is hope for any further versions.