• Hello everyone, I wanted to show you my little lamp project for my room.

    The project was oriented to obtain a very soft and uniform lighting; so I decided to orient myself for indirect lighting;

    I started to develop the idea through 3D drawing; to get a better idea of the final dimensions and how to structure the whole.

    [Blockierte Grafik: https://photos.app.goo.gl/D9aUxMR8mAMcpwLF9]

    I leave the link to see the photos of the whole project, unfortunately I can not load the photos well inside the forum.

    I already had the power supply so I decided to use this hardware:

    1x Meanwell LCM-60DA
    5x LED Strip 21 Samsung LM301B 3000K
    1x Sonoff CH4 Pro R2
    1x Wooden board 100 * 50 cm
    ~ 3mt of chain
    2x 9mm wall plugs
    5 aluminum heat sinks made from 40mm * 4mm strip

    The total price is around € 110

    The chandelier is dimmable by 1 button on the wall; or via wifi / internet command via Sonoff; unfortunately the Sonoff CH4 can set a minimum push time of 1second that does not work to do on / off the power supply
    so I had to change the electrical connection; and I added a switch on the 220V to power down everything from the wall.

    Also I thought to turn on or off the LED in direct diffusion through the app; to switch it on using the wall controls, use the switch to turn it off. (the sonoff is set to always reset the contact to put the 5 LED in series, the exchange takes place very quickly and is not annoying at all.

    The room is about 5x4 meters large

    At the corners at a height of 40cm from the ground I measured ~ 320 lux at maximum intensity (all led strings at 1000mA driven) dimming to the minimum we have about 30lux

    The result is a very uniform light throughout the room; the average illuminance is a lot.

    am very happy with the quality obtained; moreover the system, besides being very powerful, is very efficient, besides the LEDs do not need heat sinks; I wanted to exaggerate to make sure that the dissipation would never have had any problem even in the summer. ;)

    Hope you like it!

    One thing; I got all the LED strips from led-tech all quite bent; I had to put them all straight back so I could fix them well. I think it's the fault of the production process