Verwenden der Fast Patch-Funktion in Jinx!

  • Forgive my syntax; I use a translator program to write in English and then translate into German. I've created a 128x64 matrix consisting of (32) 16 * 16 ws2812b panels. So I need at least 48 universes running through artnet into a Falcon F16v3.

    My first question: When I start using the fast patch, I want the first 510 (universe 1) channels of the matrix to begin at 16.1 and the signal path then follow the column to 1.1 over 1.2 and then to 16.2 and so on. I have tried different combinations and always seem to get the same results. The last green box stops at 10.11, as if I had started typing at 1.1. My thought is that my endpoint should be 7.11. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

    Second question: If I start the second 510 channels, my starting point should be 6,11. Do I just enter the same parameters as in the previous universe, but with a new starting point and a new universe? Is the program also smart enough that when I arrive at the end of 128th column: 128.1 and the universe is not finished yet, the program knows that it has to finish the universe starting at 32.1? Or in the end I only have a small universe and start a new universe starting at 32.1?

    thank you in advance