Ziehen LED-Leuchten Fehler an?

  • Your question looks like the result of an automatic translation.

    LEDs should not attract bugs (computer errors). They would certainly attract bugs (insects), tough.

    The best You could hope for is affecting the number and species of attracted insects by choosing a less attractive color. Common bluish-white LEDs would attract more insects than yellowish LEDs. Red LEDs might be the best choice for attracting fewer insects - but they would obviously be red which might not match Your plans for decoration - and even red light might still attract some insects.

    However, an alternative approach to the problem would be to use any color of LEDs You want and completely ignore the problem that LEDs attract insects. Afterwards you could decide that the presence of the insects is a problem to be solved. That's how governments usually operate. For example, you could plant incredible amounts of catnip to repel the insects that You attracted with the LEDs - and attract cats instead. Not recommended if there are large and dangerous wild cats in Your region.

    As for dust (German: Staub), LEDs or their housings would collect dust like any other surface and appear dimmer.