Nasty/dangerous diy mistakes 18650 liion flashlights

  • 1. Shortig of cell:

    ConvoyS2+ host:

    screwing the reflector back on the pcb moves the pcb and cuts into silicon wire:

    plus: battery gets shorted, spring gets burning hot and compresses. (Test your light with a long wire which has resistance to it and use heat resistant gloves. Or check with Multimeter for short. Put a piece of plastic between wire and host/pcb material to prevent cut.)

    minus: flashlight works only like on direct drive full power.

    copper dtp:

    solderbridge from one terminal to heatpad, same thing, always use the check contact on the pcb to check for shorts before installing. Check for short before inserting battery.

    Exploding Flashlights:

    They explode because batteries get shorted, either over the spring in the front, if it touches the flashlight barrel somehow or the casing of the battery because of a broken wrapping, which is both battery -.

    Or you have 2 batteries in your Flashlight and the battery to the front has a insulation problem with the wrapping, then the battery on the tail gets shorted out. There are a lot of story’s about that with nasty injuries as seen in the news.

    Wrong charging and deep discharge are only a problem in battery packs as i know, because they short other parallel batteries out.

    2. savety

    Never look into the flashlight with batteries loaded in.

    3. tricks

    • too warm tint: use tir or zoom lens, also more throw can be achieved with them, try different angles.
    • too cold tint and not enough throw: dedome led with savety razor blade, avoid cutting bond wires or yellow die or your fingers.
    • more throw: smaller die
    • soldering: use 60/40 leaded solder, apply flux if solder is not fluid enough. Only happy solder, makes happy leds, makes you happy