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    Good afternoon. I'm from Russia. Sorry for my English. I write You through translator. I have a Question to the Author of the JINX. Firstly thank You for the program. Effects super. Mastered pretty quickly. Everything is clear and intuitive. I'm having problems with saving. Let's say I created some effect. How can I save. If I click Save As my effect is. Now I am out of the program. Overload the computer. Will get back to JINX and try to load my effect. It is not loaded into the program. But if I before finishing the work with the program will prescribe effect in the scene to keep the effect and to close the program . The next time you run JINX it already is in the program. Even if HE's not UNNECESSARY. I will be very much grateful if you will make it possible to keep separately effective. Keep separate Scenes.Separately save Chases. And separately to keep the Show Mode. With respect Otis68