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    Sorry !! i don't speak German very well so i contact you in English

    I purchased a 7XCree XML Module ( LED-TECH) , with 20V ( Desktop power Supply) it works fine.

    In my application, i have to use power with a 14.7V - 2600mAh Li-Ion Battery , so i have connected a XL6009 Boost voltage regulator

    in order to increase output voltage around 21Volts. The boost voltage is able to switch current to 4A.

    But during the test, while the output voltage remains stable, the output LED current increases! ( and battery output current too!!) from 0.8A to 2.4A in 60minutes!

    I fixed the 7X Cree module on a heatsink and measured a temperature around 51°C.

    Is it an heating problem with Cree Leds?

    Coul you help me? my goal is to power the module with an output current around 700mA.