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    what is the use of R3? - For now ignore rest of the circuit as a test, I've only soldered PAM2804 side only.

    Is voltage at Vin of U1 stable? - Yes it is. direct power injected from a fully charged Li-ion battery 4.1v

    What is the measured voltage over the LED? 3.1v ~ 3.2v

    And over C7? - same as the LED voltage.

    Do you have an oscilloscope? - No I do not.

    I've been trying to use PAM2804 chip for a single lithium-ion cell flashlight project without success.

    I've designed 2 PCB's so far, and both had failed.

    LED I'm trying to drive is a white Cree X-Lamp XML @ 1A.

    I can see voltage on the output, but led does not light-up.

    1st pcb was a 2 layer design.

    2nd pcb was a 4 layer with 2 inner ground layers.

    Kindly help me to point out what I might be doing wrong please?

    My schematics [Blockierte Grafik:]

    My 2nd PCB [Blockierte Grafik:]